Wednesday, July 4, 2007

What's in a name?

Cliched question huh?
Well,as most of you will agree,there's a lot in a name.It is one's identity in the world.
The World -- Wow!! Big place huh? Well,you'll get to know exactly how big it is aif you just look at the picture to the right.

In the world I go by my name.I am not going to say what that is since you already know that.I will however discuss the name that's displayed on top of this blog.

Interstellar Overdrive.All those who find it familiar will be taken back to 9minutes and 41seconds of psychedelic music by none other than the masters of the art -- Pink Floyd.Syd Barret being the composer in this case.

Interstellar -- Between or among the stars.
Overdrive -- A state of heightened activity or concentration.

That is precisely where and in what state I always am.Simple as that.And that is what is in a name.It's a definition.

As for The World -- That's what it is...A Pale Blue Dot.


Lisa said...

What he Hell!!
Couldn't make head or tail outta this one.The photo's a nice one though.We are just a Pale Blue Dot indeed.Taken from "An Inconvenient Truth" I believe?

uma said...

That was nice, Samba. I don't think it's obscure. I actually think it compresses a great deal into a small space.

Xiamaze said...

look an inconvenient truth photo...
what is this samba samba??

Sambit said...

i cant believe u actually browsed through my blog.

samba is what some of my friends used to call me.
some still do actually.
ive told u this.