Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Mon-soon is here.

Well,they're late.Given the amount of carbon emmissions etc etc that's being added to the atmosphere daily,it ain't much of a surprise that the mon-soon is lashing through the city almost a month late.There were just two days of proper rain before this.And now it's Venice!

School has been closed for the past two days.Over 250mm of rain in the last 36hours.That's something to talk about.And the M is pointing towards the present state of Mumbai.Why?
Here's why ..

Public : Mr.M,what are you going to do to ensure that the city is up and running asap?

M : Oh.We are doing the best we can.

P : Clearly that is not good enough.Look at the streets.They are all under water.

M : That is a nothing.Look at Mumbai.It is virtually inaccessible.Almost like what happenned in 2005.The commercial activities etc havent been running properly for the past week or so.

P : We are not concerned about what's happenning in Mumbai.We live here -- In Kolkata.

M : Oh not to worry.We are doing the best that we can to ensure that we are up and running in no time.

P : And that is?

M : Our officials have been sent all over the city to open up all the manholes.

You be the judge.But hey,what's it to me? I get two extra days off from school.Woo-hoo.All Hail the Rain!!

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Lisa said...

But c'mon,you can write better.The convy is kinda nice.You could have written a lot more though.It's just a rough take on what you really could have written,right?