Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Under the sky ..

Uhm.See the photograph? I snapped it on my digicam a few days ago.It was taken a few metres away from my house.There's this multiplex coming up there.I forget what it's called.It's big and in it's initial stages of development.The sky was a bit cloudy and all but anyways .. It looked pleasant,and that's why I snapped this pic.See the clouds? The formation .. Looks nice.And the big-big pillars that are coming up. With thick,strong steel rods for support.Solid metal and concrete!!
There was this worker there when I snapped this photo.He was eyeing me with great interest.He was about 30 or 35 years old.Strong,muscular,rugged.I looked back at him and he asked..

"Photo le rahe ho?"

I replied to the point.."Ha."

"Kya karenge photo lekar?"

I thought.."Kuchh nahi.Aisehi."

"Oh.Aap kya aisehi photo kheech-te ho?"


"Oh.Kheech lijiye.Shayed kal ye tasveer nahi kheech paenge."

I didnt know how to react to that. I was bewildered. I didn't know what he meant by that.

"Perhaps you wont be able to take this photograph tomorrow."

What was it that he meant by that?
What was it ..?


Lisa said...

Ha.This is a nice entry.I don't really know what you're hinting at.Whether "There might not be a tomorrow" or "This structure of concrete and steel might look way-way different".But nonetheless,it's a good entry.Well written.

uma said...

Nice pic. The entry was good too.

In fact, I can't stop thinking abt the construction-worker's question. dunno why -- but this could be great material for a postmodern bangla short story. dunno why i'm being so specific. it's just what came to mind...

Xiamaze said...

he had probably seen Kal ho na ho sometime earlier in the day..

Sambit said...

WHY kal ho na ho?
there are other world-ending tagline films.
thehell :|