Thursday, July 5, 2007

City leaks.

A third rainy day in a row.No school again.It's been raining almost non-stop for the past 60hours and it doesn't look like it's gonna stop.Just read the paper which arrived 4hours late - At 9:30am.Parts of the city are still inacessible.Dare you point to Mumbai Mr.M?!?!
Above all that -- The Met Office says there's a huge depression 150kms off the Bengal coast.And hey -- It's headed this way.And if it doesn't change course there's gonna be even heavier rains for the next two days.
My dad just got back from the market a few minutes ago.Food.The prices of vegetables have been multiplied by 1.5 their original price.Supply has gone down by 40%.Sexy huh? If this rain doesn't stop soon the city's literally gonna be reduced to what Mumbai had been reduced to 2 years ago.
Right now when I look out the window I see that it's raining quite heavily.I have my Economics tuition in an hour.If it continues like this I ain't going!
People in Kolkata hate leaks -- Shower leaks,basin leaks,etc etc.And to top it all off now there are sewage leaks all over the city.I have a friend who lives near AJC Bose Road.He says that the manholes are throwing up sewage waste there.Yesterday there were fishes swimming around thanks to the fact that a lake somewhere nearby had overflowed!
The sewage lines are leaking,the lakes are overflowing,prices of vegetables and fishes are rising .. All hail the rain!

And hey -- I still ain't complaining -- No school!!
P.S.: Sorry for the crapy photograph.Actually I haven't been able to get out much in this rain and that's the best I could muster.

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Lisa said...

The photo ain't that bad you know.And as for the post.You need to grow.It's nice..