Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tyranny will rise. The rebellion will begin.

Above is the French poster for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The reason why I've posted the French poster and not an English one is because it looks better.
Lord Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy and the Death Eaters on one side. And Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny and Luna on the other. It's War!!

According to many(majority of the Potter fans I know)this book is the 'most-boring' of the series(so far - the last one soon to be released). Well,"Shut up" to them!! I mean look at it this way. This book has ..

1. Details about the 'history' of the battle against Voldemort.
2. History of the Black family.
3. The Order of the Phoenix(The sexiest bunch of Death Eater butt-kickers on the face of the ... uhm ... Wizarding World!).
4. Bellatrix Lestrange(One of my favourite characters.The only surviving lady Death Eater so to speak.The wicked appearance. Her 'murderous' history. She's just one amazingly crafted character).
5. Luna Lovegood(Aah now she's great.The whimsical-carefree little girl that she is. I just feel so warm inside whenever she's mentioned in the book. She just makes things seem more real by saying whatever she says. She's a misfit - Yes. She's the best misfit ever!).
6. The Prophecy(I won't even go into details there. If you don't remember what it is then 'shame on you'. Go read the book again!! You're a disgrace to the name of Potter!!)
7. Sirius Black,The Longbottoms,The Ministry of Magic,Dolores Umbridge(Ooooo),The kiss(Dont know why it's 'such' a big deal),Lestrange and Luna again,etc etc. Uhm -- Go read the book again will you??

For all of you "Potter-fans" -- All those points above(and dozens of others)are just unimportant eh? The book could have done without em right? What are you -- A bunch of freakin psychos who only want mushy 'under-mistletoe' kissing scenes?? Get a life "Potter-fans" -- Get a life.

And for the bunch who think this book is as important as the other ones -- Hats off!! You do proud to the name of Potter. I myself am a fan and I would like to say that I'm waiting eagerly for the fifth movie and the seventh book to come out.


Aurora said...

Oh wow Samba...u've mixed up a potent and volatile potion there!! Btw kudos to u.....these "Potter-Fans" do need to get a life indeed!!Like Sirius had said in the book..."a lot of people are idiots at the age of fifteen" what if they are not really 15 anymore,some still feel so....
Dis book has one of the best plots in the entire series n the characters are just so well-etched out!!Dunno how anyone can find dis book colourless...slightly woebegone...yes...I miss Sirius!!...btw B-O-R-I-N-G???? Not in dis life!!! M dying to see d movie!! About the seventh book,I'm looking forward to that as well...but...since this is the last book in the'll probably be a bittersweet experience :)

Lisa said...

"La Revolte A Commence" - The Rebbellion begins. Sounds good in French - I agree with Imbroglio.
Well,this one's quite easily your best post till date. The irony is great(Potter fans). You've put forward your argument firmly. Your hatred for "so-called" Potter fans is clear. Great piece!! Almost newspaper worthy. Keep it up!!

Ankita said...

hey coool!!!!
tui toh indirectly galagaal diye jharli "Potter fans" der....i admire that.....i respect that!!!!
well writtn.....good thought.....well expressd......luv the pic tooo!!!

uma said...

Indeed. Well-written, well-argued and obviously heartfelt.

But I'm afraid I'm going to step right into your line of fire by saying:

1. The Harry Potter series is fine. I have nothing against it. But I don't think Rowlings should be allowed to colonise our perception of fantastic fiction. There are a number of other 'magical' books (leaving out Tolkien, perhaps someone else could discuss his writing) which, to me, are far quirkier and subtler. One I remember is 'The Thirteenth is Magic' (It's an old book -- quite a different style, but...)

2. That Rowlings capitalises on creating a Potter-world which is roughly the equivalent of a Barbie-world. Of course it has been done with far more intelligence, variety and individuality. But somehow I feel her work is becoming increasingly commercial in its basic orientation -- she's writing to include the perfect celluloid moment, the perfect marketing options, the perfect possibilities for creating merchandise...she's writing for the Potter-fan and not the Potter-sceptic and I don't think that's very brave...

3.The characters are well-etched. Exactly. A little too well-etched. They act perfectly true to type with little or no departure from their very well-defined ways of behaving/thinking/feeling. To me, she's created types and not individuals: the brave but bumbling Neville, loony Luna, the oracular Dumbledore. The only one I feel some interest in? Snape.