Sunday, October 28, 2007


comes from the Director of 28 Days Later, which unarguably is the best Zombie movie to come out of anywhere in a few decades. With Sunshine director Danny Boyle, known for his take on the awe-inspiring has come out with a "Wham-bam-thank-you-mam" of a movie. Sunshine isn't just any other Sci-Fi "Save the World" movie where a bunch of Astronauts are put into a Space Shuttle and sent into space to do there 'thingy' and rescue the Earth. It is all of that.. And much more!

The story, states that 50years into the future our Sun is dying. A crew is sent on a journey to the Sun with a payload containing half of all the world's nuclear power to cause an explosion in the Sun in order to
restart its glow. It fails. Seven years later, another mission is sent. Earth's last hope. Her last chance. The Icarus II space shuttle is armed with a payload containing the remainder of Earth's nuclear power, and a group of scientists-cum-astronauts in whose hands lies the Fate of our planet.

Right from the opening sequence one will realise that the movie is visually stunning. It has got some scenes which would make any person go "Wow!" The cast - A surprise. Most will notice that the faces are familiar. But who are they? Whoever they are, they have done an amazing job. Cilian Murphy, who was the lead actor in 28 Days Later, gives us another display of what he can do. This movie is non conventionality redifined. Every character has a story to tell. Every moment has an emotion to capture. Every shot has a lasting effect. Right from the Commander of the ship to the Botanist cum Austronaut, everyone plays an equal part in making up the movie.

Sunshine has a distinct background score. It is a mix of electronica, with alternative rock and jazz. Particular splashes of beautiful music occur in two sequences. One with two of the lead characters in the payload, and the other in the observation room with the whole crew awed at the sight of something so amazing that I could not help my jaw falling open and the occassional smile. The alternative rock score at the end of the movie is, simple put, magnificent. I would love to own the soundtrack of this film. The song at the closing credits by I Am Kloot - Avenue of Hope, is mesmerising.

At an hour and fifty minutes, Sunshine is never a bore or a waste of time. The director, with his minute details; and the cast, even with its silence is as gripping as is Will Smith kicking some bad-ass aliens (ala Independence Day), or Bruce Willis blowing up a whole darn asteroid (Armageddon). What the heart wants, what it desires to know and see, can lead one till death. This is one of the many things about human nature that is shown clearly in Sunshine.

Sunshine comes as a breath of fresh air to the Sci-fi movie go'ers as well as lovers of a good action movie, with a storyline. It comes across as a sci-fi/thriller/action film for. It is not merely cinematic pleasure, it is also a feeling that makes you say,"Ya, that was a good movie. Worth the ticket money!"

8/10 for the acting. Same for the story. And straight A's for the visuals/music/direction. I loved this, I absolutely loved this!

"And we wait to see just what we will become.." - Avenue of Hope(I Am Kloot - End Credits)