Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na.

Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na is a film that I have been wanting to watch ever since I saw the first promo with Imran Khan posing behind a cardboard cutout to make us believe that he is the next big hunk of Bollywood. That, until the lovely Genelia D Souza comes prancing in only to reveal that Imran is not much of a hunk, but rather cute. Seeing the Pappu can't dance promo was rather weird (did NOT believe that it was an A.R.Rahman composition), till I listened to it a thousand times in a row and absolutely fell in love with it! That said, I shall get to the point..

We've seen the rather unsuccessful launch of Ranbir Kapoor (No game, just fame! - so far). There's one more out this week itself - Read: Harman Baweja in Love Story 2050. Plain creepy if you ask me! (Well, so far - again). In comes Imran Khan who no one had ever heard of (Aamir's cousin who??) till we saw his chiseled face in the promos. And, to put it straight - He is indeed the pick of the lot (I don't even want to watch 2050! - Don't judge me by that).

Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na is another one of those mushy romantic films - yes. It's predictable - absolutely! It's boring - Not even close. Is it worth it? - Drop your books, dishes, whatever and run for the theatre! After Jab We Met, this is probably the movie that EVERYONE in India is going to watch. It's not only because of the launching of another 'Could-be' star, but also because it brings a whole package. Awesome music! Great looking people. All the sweetness that not even a chocolate cookie can give you..

Here is a movie that deals with stereotyping in its own way. You have the old 'boy and girl can never be best friends without eventually falling in love' bit. You have the 'boy will find girl boyfriend and girl will find boy a girlfriend' bit. You have the father (played brilliantly in four short cameos by Naseeruddin Shah!) who is wise, preachy, fun, and also dead (sorry about that). You have the mother who is simply trying to protect her son and ensure that he does not become the rebel that her husband was (Read: I quote - 'That was my husband's son!' - you will know exactly what she means, and how effective a line that is when you hear it for yourself). You have the brother who is a git outside, but very very caring on the inside (Great performance from the guy who played that part!). Then there are the villains who are made to be hated by everyone (Recall Ishaan's father from Taare Zameen Par - same technique used. I hated that man enough to start abusing in the theatre!). The fiance (a lesson in how to be a creep!), and the police inspector (Paresh Rawal is still the most hilarious man in Bollywood!). It's saluting stereotypes when it comes to predictable Bollywood movies. However, it's the way it is done that deserves all the credit..

The slow, yet never boring pace of the film; the songs, added in at the right moment; the background music, absolutely engrossing; all add up to two and a half hours of great fun! Don't go for this one alone. Take someone you truly love with you to watch this. Preferably your best friend or your partner! You'll find yourself wanting to comment about a lot of things in it. The film shows events which you can criticize and relate to very straightforwardly. That is single-handedly the best thing about the movie (Don't get me started about the music. I could literally write a full scale review like this one on the music itself. It's only THAT good!). However, the film, like Aditi herself, suffers from extremities. It does not take much to make you feel the good part. The comedy and love is done wonderfully. The sadness and pain needs extremes to get you believing. A slap or a punch!

The performances from the youngsters is, however, not a strong point in the film. Imran is good. Genelia overacts in parts. The girl who is listening to the story is just not believable. They could have picked a rather BIG actress to fill those shoes. The group of friends are just too cute to criticize. Be it Jignesh (Heaven knows how he transformed from spiky hair dude to moustache village-lookalike! Yes I'm stereotyping, I know), or Rotlu and Bombs who fall in love under the most relatable circumstances. Naseeruddin Shah is the pick of the lot. From the moment he turns real from his painting, he makes you pay attention to him.

Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na is probably going to be the biggest hit of the year so far. Both commercially, and critically; Jodhaa Akbar being the runner up. Whether it is the witty dialogue (Bond, James Bond), the friends (Rotlu, Jiggy, Bombs, Shaleen - you'll love everyone!), Pappu - who really cannot dance, or even the horse riding eve teasers - Sohail and Arbaaz Khan(with a whole 'other' story!); the predictability factor simply disappears from your mind once you listen to the first song. You'll be enjoying it thoroughly. That is a guarantee!

Here is a movie made with a lot of care by Abbas Tyrewala. A great directorial debut written with the utmost attention to detail. The camerawork, the settings of the songs, the comedy.. It's a well spent 150minutes that redefines what Bollywood is all about!

8/10 for technique. 7/10 overall! - They should have given 'Tu bole, main bolu' a slot. That song is a gem!

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Shriya said...

You really liked it that much? The cliche was an overdose i thought. And towards the end, i was really waiting for the film to end, coz i already knew what was going to happen next.

Dunno, maybe its coz i'm a cynic by nature!