Sunday, July 13, 2008


Continuing Hollywood's run of Summer Blockbusters for this year, Hancock is a brand new superhero film. It is not adapted from a comic book, but an original story written by Vincent Ngo and Vince Gilligan. Directed by Peter Berg; the director of Friday Night Lights and The Kingdom, both of which are outstanding movies; and starring Will Smith, Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman, Hancock delves deep into a superhero who simply 'doesn't give a shit'.

Hancock wears a ski-cap with an eagle knitted on it, humongous shades; he hardly shaves, he drinks throughout the day, and his abusive skills are good enough to win a competition. And like I quoted ~ He simply does not give a shit. Kids abuse him, the city hates him for all the damage he causes (Read: hang a SUV from the top of the tower of a multi-storied building, derail a whole train to save one individual, etc etc), yet he is the only one of his kind. He 'gets the job done', although clumsily. He is, what one would call, a superhero needing a serious makeover (In every aspect!).
In comes Jason Bateman, a public resources spokesperson, rescued by Hancock, who decides to help him successfully change his public image.

The first thing about a Peter Berg movie is style ~ The way the film is hot. Second is the background score ~ with very engaging music. Hancock falls short in both spheres. However, what it misses there, it makes up for with it's witty dialogue and great comedy. Hancock, if truth be told is a comedy film, tackled with the utmost care. Timing is almost perfect. Will Smith, once again, like he did in I Am Legend, singlehandedly shoulders most of the screen time flawlessly (Amazingly close close-ups, done brilliantly!). He smiles once throughout the entire duration of the film. Some painful, yet funny sequences (A man's head up another man's, erm, behind. The girl sitting next to me went 'Oh shit' and covered her eyes), and good special effects make the film visually quite good, though below par. The film suffers from the absence of a central villain, but succeeds in creating a new superhero with a very solid background storyline. He has strengths, and he also has weaknesses. It's short - barely 90minutes, and it makes for a great launching of a new superhero franchise..

6.5/10. I want a sequel!

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