Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dead Poets Society.

Dead Poets Society is a 1989 film directed by Peter Weir. The film tells the story of a group of boys from Welton Academy who are inspired through the teaching of poetry and literature, by their English teacher, to change their lives of hardened conventionality . The film was nominated for four Academy Awards and won for Best Original Screenplay.

Dead Poets Society is not a film for everyone. For people who delve too deep into the meaning of the film, you might find yourself rather cheated or disappointed because of its radical nature. However, if you take it for what it is.. A film that wants to incite the senses to accept change; you will end up getting that warm feeling one gets when having a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly December morning. It works itself up from a simple saying ~ Carpe diem, which is Latin for 'Seize the day'. It is what the new English teacher asks his new 17 year old batch of students to do (in quite a bizarre manner). Together with The Truman Show and Master and Commander, it is one of Peter Weir's best films. The football match with Beethoven in the background, and the climax with bagpipes are the two best sequences in the film. I found Robin Williams' impersonation of Marlon Brando and John Wayne hilarious!

Dead Poets Society is a film that has been widely criticized for its ending. You will know why once you've see it. As far as film-making goes, the ending is done perfectly. However, it could mean different things to different people. To challenge your views, to look at things differently, give Dead Poets Society a go. It is based in 1959, so don't give it as hard a time as some critics have given it.

O Captain! My Captain!
10/10. I love the ending.


Xiamaze said...

the only film that ever made me cry.

Sambit said...

only because its that beautiful.