Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Longest Yard.

The Longest Yard is a 2005 remake of a 1974 film of the same name. However, unlike the original which was more of a dark comedy, this new version is a slapstick comedy film. It is one of Adam Sandler's biggest hits, MTV Films most successful production, and the highest grossing comedy remake of the modern box office era. Burt Reynolds, who starred in the lead role in the original plays the coach.

Starring Chris Rock, Nelly, and numerous World Wrestling superstars, The Longest Yard is a hilarious popcorn flick! Paul Crewe, an ex pro-football quarterback is sent to prison for grand theft auto. He is asked by the prison warden to form a team from among his inmates and put them up with the guards of the prison in order to boost their confidence before the start of the season. The prisoners however, have better plans. They build up a team in order to beat the c**p out of their oppressive guards, and disgrace them by winning the football game. Right from the word go, the film is rib-tickling fun. Whether it is the rap and rock music that ensues with a showdown or an introduction to the characters; or the priceless dialogue; or, what one calls, the bling-bling of American football; The Longest Yard is high octane entertainment! Rob Schneider, in his cameo as an enthusiastic supporter; Kevin Nash's girly-ness after being estrogen induced; and the 'Ready 58. Ready 58 hutt!' and smack in the referees area - I think I started crying with laughter!

Sit down one afternoon with popcorn, chips, pepsi, and a bunch of buddies; turn up the volume; and enjoy The Longest Yard. It's going to make you laugh your head off!!

7/10!! (I still can't stop laughing about the 'Ready 58. Ready 58 hutt - Smack!')

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