Sunday, June 22, 2008

Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind is a one of a kind heartfelt comedy movie coming from the mind of the visionary Michael Gondry. Gondry who has made quite a name for himself after making the Oscar nominated Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. He not only directed that film but also co-wrote it with Charlie Kauffman. Like La Science des rĂªves (The Science of Sleep), Be Kind Rewind is his independent project. He writes as well as directs it.

Starring Jack Black, Mos Def and Danny Glover, Be Kind Rewind is a film that is unbelievable at times, yet too cute to be given amiss. Not only is it well made, but you can feel the message that the movie tries to put forward. At heart, it is quite a serious film, yet, circumstances and the manner in which they are tackled, are comedic to an unimaginable degree. The shenanigans of the two lead characters are hilarious. As they head out to make their own versions of hit Hollywood films, you wont be able to help it but laugh till your tummy aches. Trust me, whether it is their version of Ghostbusters, or Rush Hour 2, or even King Kong, they rule the screen, and everyone else for that matter! It is, simply put, a laugh riot, when they get down to business. Danny Glover, who has proven his worth at numerous versatile roles, though not getting any younger, is probably getting better at what he does.

By the end of the hour and forty minutes, the film leaves you wanting a little more. If not more of the slapstick comedy it created midway through the film, you'll be wanting some of the laughter and that warm feeling one sometimes gets after having watched a movie with a big heart..


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Leo said...

For a simple storyline, this movie strangely covers a number of aspects- of sugar-coated lies, of big dreams coming from a small town, of 2 opposites who stick 2gether even in the strangest of situations, & of love from the most unlikeliest of places. It was supposed 2 b a comedy- well, it did succeed in that goal, but it was a movie concentrating on 1s attachment with their past, desperately clinging on, even to rotting pieces of junk. The creativity is worth appreciating- this can be 1 movie, bigger than the biggest movies of all times- primarily BCOZ its been made outta them, but is still original in its own way!! Dude, y doncha try finkin like em?? U can sell this movie by focusing ur creativity on their creativity....if u manage to do it, ur even better than the very people in this movie u gave credit 2....