Friday, April 11, 2008

Krazzy 4.

Bollywood, it seems, is on a flop run after Jodhaa Akbar. Observe, One Two Three and Race (Yes, it was crap). I expected a slapstick comedy after looking at the promos of Krazzy 4, choosing this over the weeks other release, U Me aur Hum.

The story is simple enough. Four 'mad' guys, are taken out on a field trip by their doctor. Doctor gets kidnapped, havoc ensues, or should I say, krazziness. Fullstop. Simple enough. Doesn't torture you like the 'come-sit-down-and-let-me-tell-you-how-I-planned-your-murder' way of Race.

The mad people under question..
Krazzy a. Arshad playing Raja, a man suffering from sudden bouts of rage. Anger disorder.
Krazzy b. Irrfan playing Dr. Mukherjee, suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. He's a cleanliness freak who'll try to get dirt of the backside of a nurse's uniform.
Krazzy c. Rajpal playing Gangadhar. He thinks he still lives in the Gandhian era. Vande Mataram.
Krazzy d. Suresh playing Dabboo. Hasn't talked since he was four years old.

Their doctor played to utter sweetness by Juhi Chawla. Dont think I'm being sarcastic. The places where Krazzy 4 succeed are its utter sweet moments. Apart from being extremely tenderly acted by everyone, it also isn't very long. Hardly an hour and fifty minutes. All four leads play their roles very efficiently. Rajpal being the one who offers the most laughs. Just wait till his ending speech. Irrfan Khan, the great actor that he is, gets a small role, easy for him to play. He plays this even more delicately. Suresh Menon, for a guy who hardly talks, is fun to watch. His expressions will get you laughing. Rajpal Yadav had me in splits everytime he spoke. His way of delivery is such. Watch out for the scenes with 'Aazadi - 50% off' and the one with Gandhiji and Nehru. The backing actors, Rajat Kapoor, Dia Mirza, and the 'bad guys', serve their purpose well. The guy playing Dia's father deserves special mention. You've seen him before.

The songs are merely there. No romantic hus-phus etc etc. Shah Rukh Khan has never looked better. Trust me. Stay back till the end to watch Hrithik too. The two music videos are sheer eye candy proving to us who the real pin-up boys of Bollywood really are. High point of the movie is where a little girl sings Jana Gana Mana. If the people in the hall stand up to attention to it, like they did in the show I went to, you'll feel good. Vande Mataram. I shall not go far enough to say Rakhi Sawant 'does not' look good in the music video, but I would have preferred Mallika Sherawat in it. The song is Beedi'ish, but not nearly good enough. And we finally did it people. They've written a song about One Rupee. An amazing one at that too. They've added everything, from Kajra re to Dum to Opera - style. Hilarious.

Krazzy 4 tries the Munnabhai-way of entertainment, preaching about the ways of society and how people who are 'different' have no place in it. It misses the Munnabhai mark by a long shot. But it really doesn't matter. It's a sweet short movie. You could say it was made with a lot of care, and they promised us a sequel at the end. So, to be continued..

6/10 all over. The music is just okay. However, 10/10 for the two pin-up boys. P.S.: Get Mallika to do an item number in the sequel.


Samhita said...

well written movie review..and u are right rakhi with her repulsive appearance really spoiled sunidhi's song...everyone for chrissake is better than her manly physique!!!...yes krazzy 4 is a sweet short comedy film...a copy of dream team though

Shriya said...

I'm not sure I agree with you on every ground. But that maybe because I"m not fond of Bollywood comedy. But there's no denying that the writing is breezy and refreshing. Even bad films reviewed well sound nice!

cghs science team said...
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deboooooooo! said...

you know what i really think that recent bolly so called comedy flicks totally lack that rib tickling humor which oldies like Padosan or Angoor had (except munnabhai mmbs and lage raho munnabhai)!! but the review makes me think oderwise..!! the directors seem to be cumin up wid better and even better ideas of appealing to the masses wid a hell lot of glam and social messages! all in all ur review does give me a will to go ahead and watch a hindi flick! well done!

Panchali said...

well,initially i wsnt too sure whether i wud go for dis particular movie bt now after reading the review i guess i cn give it a try. a well written review no doubt,and it also does appeal to d reader.well evn i feel dat SRK looks too good in d video and his presence has added a lot of star quotient which d movie odrwise lacks.though nt newhr close to hit comedies like munnabhai mbbs n lage raho,ur review mite jst hlp it to gain a few viewers....

anwesha said...

A really nice review..which i feel will definitely attract a few more viewers who would have preferred to ignore the movie..
Though I haven't watched the flick yet but I could kind of figure out what type of a movie it is from the very well written review of yours!And moreover from the promos of the movie,it wasn't so clear what the plot of the movie was..On the one hand,SRK and Hrithik were the pros and on the other hand Rakhi Sawant was the con..Absolutely!!I agree that Malaika would have definitely done a much better job..!
Keep up the good work!

Neo said... not up fer bollywood muviz so derz hardly evn a bleak chance dat ill catch dis1..soo i cnt neva tel u how much dis review scored in authenticity..but i cn tell u dis much..ze rytinz kik-ass..(P.S.cud u ryte me buk review fer me?..mebbe datll stop me teacher gettin a heart attack evrytym she readz me :o()
Rest In Peace
ur dedly frend