Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm not there.. Anymore.

Now, I am not someone who has seen all of Heath Ledger's films and know every detail about his personal life. I am, and will be, an honest fan of his. Caught my eye in The Patriot, where he took on the role of Mel Gibson's son, hence giving him a run for his money. Young, charming, a lot of screen presence. He was what one would call.. "One out of the oh so many future actors of Hollywood". He did prove us wrong.

I've seen quite a few Heath Ledger movies. And I've liked each and every one of the ones I have. Monsters Ball, where he portrayed a psychotic convict to glory. Shooting himself in the end. A Knight's Tale, a good movie, one of my personal favourites because of the rush of blood it gave to me. Playing a young peasant squire named William Thatcher, raised to Sir in the end. A wider take on his acting skills, after The Patriot. Then came Lords of Dogtown, a rough skate boarding movie which didnt strike much of a chord. Just another underdog movie, based on a true-story was it? I'm not quite sure. The Brothers Grimm I enjoyed a lot. Brothers Will and Jacob on a scam rampage of killing monsters and evil apparitions until they met a real-life one. Matt Damon and Heath Ledger made it more fun than anyone could have. Casanova was fun too. Sienna Miller made it even more nice.

And then there was Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee's western which shocked the world. I never got a chance to see it in a theatre. So I watched it on my pc instead. Almost had tears in my eyes. The movie was that good. Both Gyllenhaal and Ledger in there career defining roles. Won the then twenty-five year old Ledger an Oscar Nomination for Best Actor.

Well, that was a Filmography. I know Heath and his ex-fiance, Michelle Williams, looked real cute together. Even in Brokeback they looked nice. His daughter, Matilda, sweet, more like her mother. He plays the role of The Joker in The Dark Knight, the upcoming Batman movie. He looks scary in the trailer. Terrifying. Perhaps, a great amount of maturity too, as he churns out the famous lines.. "Let's put a smile on that face" and laughs away, hauntingly, to glory.

I never knew Heath Ledger. I only respected him. Whether he was on drugs, whether he did charity, I do not know, and frankly speaking, I do not care. I know him as talent. Young talent. One who was growing with age. And could have only got better.

Heath Ledger was found dead in a Manhattan apartment last night. He was all of twenty-eight years old.


Shriya said...

Couldn't help commenting on this. I agree with you-- talent is talent. Diego Maradona will be Maradona till his death, with or without his discipline or drugs.
I like the thought behind this article; its something that i believe in. And know what? Genius in a man is always accompanied by some eccentricities. We gotta bear with them.
And, thank you, for not dissecting Ledger's life to find secrets behind his death. I find that sickening, not to mention tremendously humiliating to the person in question.
Reminds me what the Indian media did to the girl who was murdered in Shantiniketan. (Forgive me if I'm going astray).

Leo said...

That is actually the most ironic way of saying that he'll never make another movie again!! People like Britney Spears n Lindsay Lohan sing about how the stress of show-biz is bearing down on them, n of how they "JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!" I obviously don't really know what made him do it, but in a world of 2 many people who possess talent, but have 2 little of it, Heath Ledger stands out like the moon against a mass of black infinity- n NO- I REFUSE 2 say STOOD out!! I fink u talked bout every movie hez eva made, n he indeed had a flair for playing the most unusual of parts- which grabbed him that xtra bit of attention that every budding actor needs, n at this juncture, hez not budding anymore!! This review sounds indeed like the summary of his talent, but I know, u know n we all know, that there is so much more 2 Heath Ledger. This is our tribute to him- in our hearts, he'll never die....