Monday, October 20, 2008

Stranger than Fiction.

Stranger than Fiction is a 2006 dramedy film directed by Marc Forster, also known for directing films such as Monsters Ball, Finding Neverland, The Kite Runner, and the upcoming Quantum of Solace. It is written by Zach Helm. It stars the extra-ordinary talent of Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Queen Latifah.

As the narrative states early on in the film, Will Ferrell's character, Harold Crick, is all about numbers; and this story, is about him and his wristwatch. The weird intervenes when Harold starts hearing the voice of the narrator in his head, narrating his every move. All this, unknown to the narrator herself. The concept is taken from Miguel de Unamuno's Spanish novel, Niebla. However, Zach Helm's screenplay is extremely well written, perhaps worthy of much more praise than it got. There are numerous double-meaning references in the film which one would probably miss at first viewing. Stranger than Fiction is a film which demands numerous viewings to spot out any flaws. The film is so perfectly made than one could often find oneself looking for flaws in it, which aren't there at all.

Will Ferrell has never been better. His role as the suddenly frustrated man who many think has gone nuts because of the intervention of that voice in his head, is brilliant. Then there are Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman, who seem to have been miscast, but a few seconds into their roles, the roles seem made for them. They own their characters. Like I said before, everything in this film seems too perfect, and also, too simple. There is also a very cute, nice chemistry between Ferrell and co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal. Every one of the characters seem to share a beautiful chemistry between them.

Stranger than Fiction lies in the league of films like The Truman Show, Fincher's Zodiac; all amazing in their own way, but simply not for everyone. Hence their underrated-ness. This, remember, is a story about a man named Harold Crick, and his wristwatch.

8.5/10. Loved it.


Magically Bored said...

I quite liked this movie - and yes, it's terribly underrated. Try watching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, if you haven't seen them already. Very good films, that haven't been given their due credit.

Sambit said...

i've seen both before sunrise and before sunset.
there's something off about how both the films end.
otherwise, the dialogue is brilliant.
who would have thought they could make films on just talking about stuff?

Magically Bored said...

Heh, well, watch Lost In Translation, though I'm sure you've seen it already. Another fantastic movie on "just talking about stuff", as you put it so well.

Sambit said...

lost in translation isn't about talking.
have you seen the amount of time there is a 'dull' sign hanging over the characters?
its more about discovering than simply talking.
i love the film, the cinematography.
sofia coppola is very very good.