Sunday, August 31, 2008


Wanted is a loose adaptation of Mark Millar's comic-book mini series of the same name. It is directed by Timur Bekmambetov who is better known for directing the Russian blockbusters, Nochnoy Dozor (Night Watch), and Dnevnoi Dozor (Day Watch). It stars James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman.

The story revolves around a 1000 year old organization of assasins who are gifted with superhuman killing abilities, and young Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) in general. The first noticeable element of Wanted are its flashy visuals. The film itself is quite ragtag in nature. James McAvoy's narration, which is actually quite good, never gives you any time to think at first. Right from the start, one is thrown into a series of disjointed events. It actually takes a while to settle down and figure out what exactly is going on. The visuals are downright flashy and outrageous. Fun, awing, magnificent. The acting, with the exception of James McAvoy's lead, is passable.

Wanted is not a film for everyone. It is a film which certain audiences will love, and some others hate. It mostly supports itself on popular graphic novel to celluloid adaptation elements; such as the narration, which is often angry and often calming, it also has the ability to make you think a little. Then there are the obvious comic elements. A lot of comedy. One scene in particular got me into splits. 'Iii'm Sorrryyy', he says, in slow motion, while putting a bullet through a man's chest from his car's sunroof. Yes, in Wanted, expect the unexpected, and you might just enjoy it.

6.5/10. James McAvoy is good. Very-very good!

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