Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wristcutters - A Love Story.

Wristcutters is a little known film directed by Goran Dukic and loosely based on Etgar Keret's short story "Kneller's Happy Campers". It stars familiar faces like Patrick Fugit, best known for his role as a rock-music writter in the breakthrough film Almost Famous; and Shannyn Sossamon, from a Knight's Tale. Wristcutters is truly one of the most odd, yet most pleasant movies I have seen in a very long time.

It shows us a strange afterlife way station reserved for people who have committed suicide. They live here, much like people living on earth. It is like a normal place. However, it lacks bright colors, smiles, flowers, and all that makes a place look lively. Just when you thought you had escaped it all by killing yourself, you land up in a place that makes you want to kill yourself again. But you dont, only fearing a place devoid of much more.

Wristcutters succeeds without even trying. It is just too simple. To understand, to believe, to lose yourself with its flow. The story is simple enough. Zia, a 20-something who committed suicide by slashing his wrists after his girlfriend, Desiree, left him lands up in the afterlife where he becomes friends with Eugene, a Russian rock singer who's entire family has committed suicide. On learning that Desiree has killed herself too, the two set out to find her, in turn coming across Mikal, a girl who claims she is in the afterlife by accident, and is searching for the people in charge.

Through the course of the one and half hours, the story takes a couple of turns. All realistic though. There was hardly anything in the movie that was predictable. The whole dull setting adds to the feel of the movie, which predominantly is very morose. The only bit of bright color we see comes from a matchstick at the station of the Angels. Yes, there are Angels too. Watch out for the miracles. It is like they say,"A miracle will only happen when you least expect it to. When you dont even think about it." The bit of music 'bad music' in the movie is really good with a Russian bloke singing "Through the roof and underground' with the lead characters singing along, out of tune, whilst in the car whose headlights dont work. The music is all over pleasant. Simple acoustic guitar solos, or the mouthorgan, maybe some piano. As simple as it can get. The acting is very down to earth. Tough roles really, because you cant even smile. Your face has always got to be straight. The acting is effective. Very well done.

All over, Wristcutters is a short, sweet film to watch when you're feeling down, bored, and disgustingly depressed. It guarantees a smile on your face by the time it ends. If you can tolerate simplicity in its full, like good 'bad music', prefer seeing someone as pretty Shannyn Sossamon smile at the end of it all, watch Wristcutters. It will make your day.

Loved it. Wont rate this. Just a smile. A pleasant one.


Aparna said...

I liked this post -- it's a little offbeat, a little eccentric -- like the film itself, it seems! It's a more spontaneous, impressionistic kind of review than your other ones -- well done on your choice of film! It's good to know that someone who loved the very mainstream Iron Man has time for Wristcutters too.

damn you, now I want to watch both films and it's half-past ten at night...

Neo said...

2ooo gud(will keep dis1 short lyk ur review ;-) )
Rest In Peace

Xiamaze said...

a smile..
the russian dude!
the beginning.
the theories.
sHave us messiah!
what i call, out of the box.

Sambit said...

when there is trap
set up for you
in every corner of your room

ooo oo ooooo
through the roof
and underground.

ilove this film so much.
its just sweet.