Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Casino Royale.

Casino Royale is quite simply the best Bond movie ever made. And that in itself is saying a lot. After the likes of the two best Bond's(in my opinion) : Sean Connery, and Pierce Brosnan, do we have the best Bond yet.. ?

Pierce Brosnan, who portrayed 007 with unmistakeable charm and arrogance was brilliant. But the Bond movies he acted in were quite pathetic when it comes to storyline(with the exception of Golden Eye).

The Bond Girls during his time were also quite pathetic. Teri Hatcher(Desperate Housewives anyone?), Famke Janssen(The X-Girl), Halle Berry(No, thank you), and quite outrageously, Michelle Yeoh(Haiyya!).

As for Sean Connery, oh let's not talk of him. He is flawless in whatever he does. Whether it be as Bond, or as the over-aged thief standing side by side with Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment. Trying to judge Sean Connery would be murder. His portrayal of Bond in Dr.No deserves special mention. Hats off, Mr Connery.

After Brosnan, came up names like Hugh Jackman(Mr.Wolverine), Clive Owen(King Arthur), and even Jude Law(Future Captain of the World). After all of that, they come up with Daniel Craig?? Blue eyed, blonde haired, chiseled faced, blabla blabla??

Oh stop the speculation, people!! He's brilliant, hands down!! In my opinion, the Best 007 yet.

Right from the opening 5mins of the movie, Daniel Craig captivates. A certain screen presence which Connery had, he has too. Perhaps even a little more. Two simple words in the opening sequence make him stand out.

"Yes, considerably," he says, after shooting a man.

As for the Bond Girl. Eva Green is captivating. She has a screen presence quite similar to Craig. The screen time she shares with Craig is worth watching. And she isn't a Bond girl who plays just the damsel in distress. She is one, but with high complications. Her first appearance too, makes her stand out.

"I'm the money," she says, seating herself across the table from Bond.

"Every penny of it," says Bond, with a smile.

Beginning with a smash-bang 15min action sequence(without CGI or crappy gadgets), Casino Royale soars, keeps soaring, and flies out of sight. Le Chiffre played by Mads Mikkellsen(Eye-bleeding super villain who is Banker to the World's biggest Terrorist groups), is slithering, and scary. Every dialogue he delivers has a certain amount of villainy in it.

"Welcome, Mr.Beach. Or is that Bond? Ah, I'm a little confused," unmistakeably sarcastic, Le Chiffre holds out his hand.

"Oh we wouldn't want that, would we?" says Bond, shaking it.

The only flaw in the plan of Casino Royale is that it pays a little too much attention to Bond's weakness, which results in 10 to 15mins of drolling. The movie, at 2hrs and 20mins is a tad too long thanks to that. For the remaining 2hrs, the movie proves it's worth.

Gadgets are thankfully given minimal attention in this movie. The audience isn't even allowed a good-clean look at Bond's Aston Martin. The action is brutally physical unlike other Bond movies. Sex is surprisingly kept at it's minimum too. Acting is brilliant. The new Bond is more of a man than some guy with gadgets coming out of his toes.

Watch out for the torture sequence. It is painful, yet humourous. The title song, You know my name by Chris Cornell plays throughout the film, and the opening credits are amazing. The Bond theme and the main Bond dialogue is kept on a hold till the very end.

Watch this Bond film for it's sheer guts, brutality, brains, and reality.

Casino Royale ain't any other Bond film.
It's Daniel Craig's party!
Straight A.


Imbroglio said...
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Leo said...

Daniel Craig, eh? U'd neva xpect me to comment on a Bond movie- I stay as far away from them as possible. Cant' say I haven't watched any- had 2 watch 'em when my mum was!! At the same time, I do not have the least bit of courage, but every bit of respect, 2 not comment on Sean Connery as the first n (in my opinion) best Bond eva!
If truth b told, I hav a very bad impression of Bond- it's the same old routine, about a man, possessing 2 much of confidence n arrogance, as well as 2 many gadgets n women!! This review shocked me 2 my core. Yeah, I know about how ur good at making movies stand out, but this- its an unbelievable revelation!! The screenplay sounds typically Bond-ish, but I love the fact that his weaknesses hav been highlighted!! For once, it makes Bond seem more human!! It sounds like the movie portrays Bond in the raw state- b4 he bcame 007!! Dude, I really dunno what's up with ur reviews, bt ur makin Daniel Craig sound enticing- n ur makin me wanna watch a Bond movie- believe me, that's sumfin!! Now that we've cut down on the machinery, I suppose the movie will have butt-kickin action that'll keep me at the edge of my seat!! Now that's what I call- license 2 thrill....

Xiamaze said...

recent the way they deal the cards..youve been trying to do that ever since whenever we play 29.
hoy na.
daniel craig is hot.

Sambit said...

ami kore dekhabo.
yes, challenge.

daniel craig.. aw man.
its unfair.
people should not be so good-looking.